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Sample sentences for the GRE study word disjointed

disjointed can be used as a adj

1.The angry base of disjointed friendship, the faint tones of the sick. - from Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman
2.It shakes the ponderous stones disjointed yiel. - from The Iliad of Homer by Homer
3.former work and the disjointed lays of the ancient bards wer. - from The Iliad of Homer by Homer
4."Come along, then," said the Englishman, frowning, and speaking with his mouth shut, and, with swinging elbows, he went on in front with his disjointed gait. - from Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
5.After awhile, he began to remember a few disjointed fragments of what the judge had said though it had seemed to him, at the time, that he could not hear a word. - from Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
6.The maidenly bosom bared to this, the pretty almost-child's head thus distracted, the delicate foot mincing in this slough of blood and dirt, were types of the disjointed time. - from A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
7.If Sid really managed to make anything out of Tom's disjointed mutterings, he kept it to himself. - from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Complete by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)
8.If each smooth tile had been a blank at first, with power to shape some picture on its surface from the disjointed fragments of his thoughts, there would have been a copy of old Marley's head on every one. - from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
9.So there is something beyond duty" Here he took fright his balance became disjointed one of the scales fell into the abyss, the other rose heavenward, and Javert was no less terrified by the one which was on high than by the one which was below. - from Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

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