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Sample sentences for the GRE study word domicile

domicile can be used as a verb
domicile can be used as a noun

1.For the guest security of domicile and seclusion of study. - from Ulysses by James Joyce
2.Here there stood a white house within a walled garden, and in the pantry of this domicile we found a store of food--two loaves of bread in a pan, an uncooked steak, and the half of a ham. - from The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells
3.In a dreadful state of doubt and uncertainty, the agonised young woman staggered to the gate, and then, exchanging her faltering walk for a swift run, returned by the most devious and complicated route she could think of, to the domicile of the Jew. - from Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
4."This man, forced to conceal himself, and for reasons, moreover, which are foreign to politics, had adopted the sewer as his domicile and had a key to it. - from Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
5.This lofty virtue had three domiciles in Paris for the sake of escaping from the police. - from Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
6.The man domiciled there and the passer-by were forced to bid each other good-day, greatly to the regret of both. - from Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
7.The parish authorities inquired with dignity of the workhouse authorities, whether there was no female then domiciled in 'the house' who was in a situation to impart to Oliver Twist, the consolation and nourishment of which he stood in need. - from Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens Treville, on receiving it, assured him that by two o'clock in the morning the four leaves of absence should be at the respective domiciles of the travelers. - from The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, Pere

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