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Sample sentences for the GRE study word gazette

gazette can be used as a verb
gazette can be used as a noun

1.A week after the gazette report of the battle of Austerlitz came a letter from Kutuzov informing the prince of the fate that had befallen his son. - from War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
2.He read the journals, the newspapers, the gazettes as he said, stifling outbursts of laughter the while. - from Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
3.Ali Pasha was killed, as you know, but before he died he recompensed the services of Fernand by leaving him a considerable sum, with which he returned to France, when he was gazetted lieutenant-general.. - from The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, Pere
4.The gazettes from which the old prince first heard of the defeat at Austerlitz stated, as usual very briefly and vaguely, that after brilliant engagements the Russians had had to retreat and had made their withdrawal in perfect order. - from War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

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