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Sample sentences for the GRE study word provocative

provocative can be used as a adj

1.The next day Danglars was again hungry certainly the air of that dungeon was very provocative of appetite. - from The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, Pere
2.The death agonies of a fellow being are, to these strange creatures provocative of the wildest hilarity, while their chief form of commonest amusement is to inflict death on their prisoners of war in various ingenious and horrible ways. - from A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs
3.That's the vital issue at stake and it's feasible and would be provocative of friendlier intercourse between man and man. - from Ulysses by James Joyce
4.The Revolution was a grand thing" continued Monsieur Pierre, betraying by this desperate and provocative proposition his extreme youth and his wish to express all that was in his mind. - from War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
5.He kissed the plump mellow yellow smellow melons of her rump, on each plump melonous hemisphere, in their mellow yellow furrow, with obscure prolonged provocative melonsmellonous osculation. - from Ulysses by James Joyce
6.Besides that, he was beginning to feel for the pretty and provocative Mademoiselle Bourienne that passionate animal feeling which was apt to master him with great suddenness and prompt him to the coarsest and most reckless actions. - from War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
7.If ghee, honey, sugar, and liquorice in equal quantities, the juice of the fennel plant, and milk are mixed together, this nectar-like composition is said to be holy, and provocative of sexual vigour, a preservative of life, and sweet to the taste. - from The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana by Vatsyayana

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