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Sample sentences for the GRE study word simulate

simulate can be used as a verb

1.While the other types cultivate a taste for grand opera or simulate it because it is supposedly proper, the Cerebral really enjoys it. - from How to Analyze People on Sight by Elsie Lincoln Benedict and Ralph Paine Benedict
2.I was now too fond of you often to simulate the first whim and, when I stretched my hand out cordially, such bloom and light and bliss rose to your young, wistful features, I had much ado often to avoid straining you then and there to my heart.. - from Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
3.The doctor made me aware of this, and arranged for a meeting of us three, under the pretence of inattention which I was to simulate and draw young Dale into some fault that would require punishment. - from The Romance of Lust by Anonymous
4.The natural reluctance of woman to appear too easy of access made her simulate a refusal, but as she still lay on her back, I leant over her, and opening her legs, begged him to kneel between and help himself. - from The Romance of Lust by Anonymous
5.At such moments he charged Buck, who retreated craftily, luring him on by a simulated inability to escape. - from The Call of the Wild by Jack London
6.The first thing which struck him in this paddock was a door of the sixteenth century, which here simulates an arcade, everything else having fallen prostrate around it. - from Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
7.Milady, with a rapid gesture, opened her robe, tore the cambric that covered her bosom, and red with feigned anger and simulated shame, showed the young man the ineffaceable impression which dishonored that beautiful shoulder. - from The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, Pere

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