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Sample sentences for the GRE study word suckle

suckle can be used as a verb

1.To suckle fools and chronicle small beer. - from The Complete Works of William Shakespeare by William Shakespeare
2.When she did suckle Hector, look'd not lovelie. - from The Complete Works of William Shakespeare by William Shakespeare
3."No, there was an Englishman who did suckle his baby on board ship," said the old prince, feeling this freedom in conversation permissible before his own daughters. - from Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
4.Then he carried the child away to a secret place, where a nurse was obliged to suckle it, and he ran to the king and accused the queen of having allowed her child to be taken from her by the wild beasts. - from Grimms' Fairy Tales by The Brothers Grimm
5.The mothers will be brought to the fold and will suckle the children care however must be taken that none of them recognise their own offspring and if necessary other nurses may also be hired. - from The Republic by Plato
6.Born of earth, yet suckled by the sea though hill and valley mothered me, ye billows are my foster-brothers. - from Moby Dick; or The Whale by Herman Melville
7.But thou hast suckled me with a bitter milk my moon and my sun thou hast quenched for ever. - from Ulysses by James Joyce
8.She was a much finer woman than Jane, broad shouldered, wide-spread bosom, which, in after-days, I found had not suffered by her "misfortune," but then she had not suckled it. - from The Romance of Lust by Anonymous

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